News (Since 2014.6.1)

BigDataBench Tutorial at ASPLOS‘18: Big Data and AI Benchmarks

BigDataBench 3.2 released at Dec. 11, 2015. Add graph, streaming frameworks and Flink support.

BigDataBench 3.1 released at Dec. 28, 2014. Two new application domains added: multimedia analytics and bioinformatics.

Two BigDataBench slides [BigDataBench-WBDB2015] [BigDataBench-HPBDC2015].

TR on Eight Dwarfs workloads in Big Data Analytics.

China’s first industry standard big data benchmark suite.

Simulator Version: BigDataBench on MARSSx86, gem5, and Simics.

BigDataBench Tutorial at Micro’14

The architecture subset and simulator version is released. 2014.9.18

Organized BPOE-5 with VLDB 2014. 2014. 9.5

Multi-tenancy version released. 2014.7.8.

Spark version released. 2014.6.25

Paper about characterizing and subsetting big data workloads is accepted by IISWC 2014. 2014.6.17


BPOE: Workshop on Big Data Benchmarks, Performance Optimization, and Emerging Hardware

BPOE-9 (Co-located with ASPLOS 2018)

BPOE-5 (Co-located with VLDB 2014)

BPOE-4 (Co-located with ASPLOS 2014)

BPOE-1 (Co-located with IEEE Big Data 2013)

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PARSEC 3.0: The Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computer