Chen Zheng (郑 晨)

We don't know how to design systems yet. So let's not make what we don't know into a religion for god sakes.
— Alan Kay

Affiliation: Advanced Computer Systems Laboratory
Address: Institute of Computing Technology (ICT)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
No.6 KeXueYuan South Road 100190, Beijing, China
Seat No.: 1008H
Telephone: +**************
E-Mail: zhengchen (at)
Résumé Curriculum VitaeScholar

I'm a second year Ph.D. student in the Advanced Computer Systems Laboratory at Institute of Computing Technology. Fortunately, I'm co-advised by Prof. Jianfeng Zhan and Prof. Lixin Zhang. Before this, I was at National Computer Network Intrusion Protection Center (NCNIPC) where I graduated in 2012, with a master degree in Network Security.

I'm broadly interested in Operating System and Security. Currently, I'm working on designing and building innovative Operating System from ground up, and dedicated at bridging the gap between architecture and Operating System. This includes the use of state-of-art virtualization and hardware techniques for lightening the OS layer.


My research interest includes Operating System, Performance Tuning, and Security Systems.

I work mainly on the following projects:


  1. RainForest - An innovative multi-kernel Operating System designed with performance goals for scale-out data center workloads.
  2. OS Benchmarking - A top-down analysis of OS behavior on data center workloads.


  1. NIPC - A national computer vulnerability database designed as one of the “11th Five-Year Plan” Science Database Project of CAS.
  2. Pentest - An penetration test framework designed for risk management of web applications.


Refereed workshop publications

  1. Chen Zheng, Jianfeng Zhan, Zhen Jia, and Lixin Zhang. Characterizing OS behavior of Scale-out Data Center Workloads. Seventh Annual Workshop on the Interaction amongst Virtualization, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (WIVOSCA 2013). Conjunction with ISCA 2013.[pdf]

Refereed conference and journal publications

  1. Chen Zheng, Yuqing Zhang, Yingfei Sun, and Qixu Liu. IVDA: International Vulnerability Database Alliance. Cybersecurity Summit (WCS), 2011 Second Worldwide, London.[pdf]
    Personally presented at conference.
  2. LI Xiao-Yu, ZHANG Yu-Qing, LIU Qi-Xu, ZHENG Chen. Secure Cross-document Messaging Scheme Based on HTML5. Journal of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2013, Vol.30, Issue (1): 124-130.[pdf]