In conjunction with CCF Big Data Technology Conference 2013 on Big Data


This is the third workshop addressing the challenge of benchmarks, performance optimization, and emerging hardware of Big Data systems and applications, in conjunction with CCF Big Data Technology Conference 2013. The theme of this workshop is benchmarking and optimization of Big Data systems and cloud computing. Big Data has emerged as a strategic property of nations and organizations, researchers from enterprises and scientific research organizations are distilling meanings and values from Big Data. Big Data is high volume, high velocity, and high variety information assets that require new forms of processing, which makes it challenging to acquire values from it. Owners of Big Data can hardly make choice on which system is most suited for their specific requirements; they also have to face the problems of optimizing data processing and evaluating existing Big Data systems. In addition, with the new techniques of system architecture, operating system and programming models being put forward, the infrastructures and processing algorithms of big data systems are changing subsequently. The research work of data management and data processing based on the emerging hardware platforms and systems is well worth discussing, for example, analyzing the proper hardware and software platforms for big data.


  • Bring together big data researchers from communities of architecture, operating systems, and data management. We will discuss the mutual influences of architectures, systems, and data management in the context of big data. This workshop is very concerned about specific research and application cases.
  • Bridge the gap of big data researches and practices between industry and academia. Researchers from universities, institutes, and companies will attend this workshop.
  • This workshop is based on invited premium talks by pioneers and leaders in the field of big data, there are no papers, all the talks and discussions are available on the web page.


This workshop welcomes research and industry work that address fundamental issues in benchmarking, characterizing, designing and optimizing Big Data systems based on novel hardware and software applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Big Data benchmarking
  • Performance and energy efficiency evaluations of big data hardware platforms
  • Benchmarks, performance analysis and optimization of cloud computing systems
  • Workload characteristics analysis of data centers and CPU design
  • Practice report of evaluating and optimizing industrial big data systems




December 6,2013, BeiJing China

Industry Standard Benchmarks: Past, Present and Future [Abstract]

Raghunath Nambiar

Distinguished Engineer,  Cisco Systems inc


Impact of Networking Technologies and Protocols on Hadoop [Abstract]

D.K. Panda

Professor, Ohio State University


Towards Benchmarking on Industrial Big Data[Abstract]

Jianmin Wang

Professor, Tsinghua University


BigDataBench:  A big data benchmark suite for architecture and system Communities[Abstract]

Jianfeng Zhan

Professor, ICT, CAS


A study on performance comparison of SQL-on-Hadoop systems[Abstract]

Yueguo Chen

Associate Professor, Renmin University of China


Towards Benchmarking Online Social Media Analytical Queries[Abstract]

Weining Qian

Professor, East China Normal University


Benchmarking storage and data access for big data[Abstract]

Xiao Zhang

Associate Professor, Northwestern Polytechnic University


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