News (Since 2014.6.1)

BigDataBench 3.1 released at Dec. 28, 2014. Two new application domains added: multimedia analytics and bioinformatics.

BigDataBench Tutorial at Micro’14

The architecture subset and simulator version is released. 2014.9.18

Organized BPOE-5 with VLDB 2014. 2014. 9.5

Multi-tenancy version released. 2014.7.8.

Spark version released. 2014.6.25

Paper about characterizing and subsetting big data workloads is accepted by IISWC 2014. 2014.6.17


BPOE: Workshop on Big Data Benchmarks, Performance Optimization, and Emerging Hardware

BPOE-5 (Co-located with VLDB 2014)

BPOE-4 (Co-located with ASPLOS 2014)

BPOE-1 (Co-located with IEEE Big Data 2013)

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PARSEC 3.0: The Princeton Application Repository for Shared-Memory Computer